About Us

JessieMona Hair Care

Jessica King is the CEO of JessieMonaHair & Products. As a licensed cosmetologist who is passionate about hair care, she prides herself as being a client-oriented hairstylist and entrepreneur. She has created, “Pink Couture Edge Control” which stands out above the competition. She stands behind her product because it “actually works.” It stands up through extensive heat and moisture tests. She has been pinned the “Queen of Laying Hair Down” by her elite clientele. “Your edges will not curl up even if you sweat it out at the gym,” raved a happy customer. The magic behind her edge control is the natural ingredients which will prevent breakage when applied properly. As a natural “Nurturer,” she cultivated a product that leaves your hair looking polished with a healthy glow. She truly took her time in developing this hair care line which also includes “Natural Highlights.” She has also mastered designing wigs for Curly, Straight and Body Wave Textures . These very natural looking wigs include frontal and full closures. JessieMonaHair features an Exclusive Line for high end clients who have to be Red Carpet ready for any affair. She has also aligned herself with the iconic Alonzo Arnold as a vendor who has an impeccable reputation in the Beauty Industry. Jessica King believes in quality hair care. She loves fashion and offers her expertise as a fashion stylist as well. Although, she spends her professional time making everyday people look like stars. She enjoys family time with her two daughters and her husband.